The pride and joy of the North Shore - Takapuna Beach sums up everything it means to have a Kiwi summer.

A beautiful view out to Rangitoto island, a deep blue sea and long stretch of white sand make this place a local hotspot.

Only seconds away from the Takapuna shops and ice cream - it is a haven for swimming, walking, sunbathing, socialising or just chilling.

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A morning walk along the beach, taking in the beautiful scenic views and listening to the sound of the water lapping the shore puts you in a great place to start the day!

The Takapuna to Milford Loop Walk is one of the Auckland City's secret local gems. Of course, if you have lived on the North Shore you probably know all about this stunning 6.22km loop that starts at the Takapuna Beach boat ramp and winds over the sandy shoreline and through a series of rocky, narrow paths. I love getting a good nosy at the mansions on the cliff that overlook the Hauraki Gulf and out to the majestic Rangitoto before arriving in Milford. It takes approximately 75 minutes to do so allow enough time if you are going after work and make sure you check the tides. This is a walk best down with sturdy footwear and at low tide. Plus if the seas are rough, plan a new date. This is an exceptional way to experience the quieter East Coast vibe of Auckland.

This is a great east coast beach just 10 minutes from the central city. It’s a nice beach to lie in the sun and read a book and to have a swim. It’s great for the kids too. Not too rough and plenty of shallows to play in before it gets too deep.

Heading out on the water for a paddle or a swim.

nothing can beat this view or place on a beautiful bliss summers day. When ever i spend my time here it makes me feel warm inside with happy buttefiles :) Truly amazing place that reminds me how lucky i am to call this place my home.

Gives me warm happy butterflies :) can’t beat this place on a beautiful summer day. Makes me appreciate where I am and my life.

A walk along Taka beach is a great way to start the day. The beach always has a lively atmosphere with many people and animals about, especially on the weekends. There’s plenty of shaded places to sit under for when it get really hot, and the ice cream shop is just a few metres away!

What I love about Takapuna is that it seems like one of those beaches you have to drive far for, like a holiday destination type place but really it is in our backyard. It is one Km worth of pure relaxation. This is probably one of my favourite spots in the whole of New Zealand to come to swim and tan, between the cleanliness and the picturesque Rangitoto Island in the background this beach is my happy place. There is a cute (but pricey…) beach café situated at the end by the boat ramp and endless shops and places to get food just 2 minute walk up from there. This place has it all!

Big beach with room to kick a ball (and not hit into anyone!). So close to Takapuna shops, cafes and restaurants so you can pop up for an ice cream then head back and relax on the warm sand.

My girlfriend’s favourite time out spot - walk the beach in mindful meditation or soak up the ambience of nature and people coming together as one. Our favourite walking beach - it’s 5 kms if you walk it twice - with toilets at both ends ;) No reason not to enjoy the perfect coffee from the beach café or o continue on over the rocks to Milford.