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This shop really does have the best range of school text books and study guides!! :D

I stop in here a lot for gifts and cards.  They really have some massive bargains I got a diary, quote and invoice book, 2013 calendar and hardcover for $25!   The only annoying thing is when its busy;  its almost impossible to manoeuvre around the card section....there is hardly any room - it needs to be spaced out.  I have been in there about 10 minutes trying to wait to get to see the 'birthday section' while all the people are in the way.  I ended up going next door to the $2 shop and got a card cheapo (only through the frustration).  Other than that,  its a good little shop with everything stationery, gift, reading and card-wise!  even some awesome games too

I came in here on the weekend to see if they had any new books that looked interesting. I loved the layout of the store how they have lots of tables set up with different book catagories making it really easy to find the type of books you are after. I was browsing the cooking/baking book table when an interesting looking book caught my eye. A book called Miss Melicious Cupcakes which looks amazing, the cover looks edgy but cute and there is even a recipe for a Baileys cupcake inside which I am definitely going to have to try!