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As an Aucklander on a hot summers day, Tawharanui is my first port of call for a beach day. Only an hour north of Auckland, the place gives you all the summer feels. The gravel road paints the roadside forest leaves grey with dirt and the beach is absolutely stunning. When it's on the surf can crank too! After a day at Tawharanui it would be rude not to stop in for a pizza at Matakana's 'Rusty Tui' on your way home. Tip: if you want to make a day of it if recommend going in a Saturday morning so you can catch the Matakana Markets on your way. Be early though, as good produce sells out quick.

just a wonderful park for camping or just being near nature

Tawharanui Peninsula’s tendrils extend into the Hauraki Gulf, separating Omaha and Kawau Bay and, in my opinion, is the best DOC campground located within the wider Auckland region. Once a year when I was growing up, my family would make a classic Kiwi pilgrimage to this so-close, yet-worlds-away tent only DOC campground at the dropdead beautiful Tawharanui Regional Park, just north of Auckland. This is camping for the intrepid, camping for people who love the elements and the great outdoors and who aren’t afraid of getting a bit of sand in your sandwich. Take everything in and leave only footprints, that’s what my mum used to say and I’m so thankful that my time at Tawharanui has set me up for a lifelong, love affair with camping. Long, hot, idyllic summer days were spent here under the beating sun. We’d swim in the crystal clear ocean then sprint up the beach and throw our bodies face first into the warm, cosy sand dunes. I try to get up here at least once a summer for a few nights just to relive my youth and there’s a hardcore group of campers that pack up everything (and that often does literally include the kitchen sink) over the silly season and make the trip up here to bask in Tawharanui’s sheer beauty. The tent only campground is in the Tawharanui Open Sanctuary so you are advised to check your vehicle and belongings for stowaway pests before you visit. Dogs and all animals are prohibited at all times. And if you are one of those types who think camping is done best in a motorhome then Tawharanui Regional Park has options for you too with an “all modes” campground that has 80 sites for vehicles up to eight metres in length. This is located in another area further along. It pays to book well in advance for both campgrounds to secure a site over the busy summer months and bookings can be made by emailing regionalparks@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

It’s the place to go to feel the grandeur of the ocean