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These guys are high tech for a wood company! You can even order online. They deliver in all sizes from bags to cubic metres. You can also get coal, matches and firestarters. They have a great range of wood and proudly state they have the best firewood in Auckland!

We ordered a load of wood from The Firewood's website - a really easy way to see the different wood and price options. Paid online, had a text to confirm delivery time and it was delivered neatly and tidily exactly when they said it would be! Great burning wood, no mess and no fuss. Will definitely use them again.

We finally ran out of free wood and *gasp* had to actually buy some wood to get us through winter. The Firewood (or as I call it, Get Wood, based on their website and 0800 number) was an easy choice as they are local to us and I always see them driving around. Their website also boasts having the best firewood in Auckland following their appearance on Target a couple of years ago. Their website made it really easy to see the selection, prices, quantities etc and after a quick phone call to the friendly Russian owner, I was asked to put my order through via the online form (cash on delivery arranged) and promised free delivery as we lived just a couple of streets away. My order was immediately confirmed via automated email, and included fire lighting instructions and advice on using pine to start the fire as the hardwood ordered was rain wet. The next morning I received a text with the delivery time (8am on a long weekend, ouch!) and they turned up bang on time. The driver/owner operated the crane truck well, avoiding our overhead power lines and nearby vehicle. He kindly left the wood in the sack and asked that we return the sack to him when convenient, and even gave us a complimentary bag of kindling. After stacking the wood in the garage and lighting the fire inside, we did find that we wood was probably more than rain wet - it was physically wet to the touch and very difficult to catch light even with a lot of pine. But nevermind, our fault for not making the order earlier in the Autumn and allowing sufficient time for it to dry out. A week in the shelter of the garage will no doubt solve that problem. Overall a very fast and efficient, friendly local service. We will certainly be using them again.

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