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Another triumph of a burger in Birkenhead. Passionate chef Ravi is creating delicious handmade creations from scratch. I devoured this decadent burger of double Wagyu beef patties with bacon, cheese and homemade chipotle mayo and jalapeño relish, all served on a custom-made rosemary and olive bun. Plus you can see the Sky Tower while you munch. A must-try for all burger lovers.

I’m pretty particular about where I eat beef patties from in a burger and The Flaming Onion never, ever fails to disappoint. They grind their beef in-house and they also do pretty darn fantastic hand-cut agria fries with aioli on the side. And while there’s no denying that this is one of the best burger joints in all of Auckland, the prices at this Northcote gem are pretty darn fantastic too. Here you can arrive with just a crisp $10 note and leave with a massive burger that truly does fill your boots. Or if you are feeling particularly beefy or in need of a super cheap eat then forgo the salad and fork out just $6.50 for a Beef Jr (no lettuce required).

Number two comes to us from the North Shore. My first visit here was a revelation and I’ve been making the pilgrimage at least once a fortnight ever since. Beef ground in-house and cooked to medium-rare perfection, a spicy chicken burger with proper jalapeno kick, golden hand-cut agria fries with house-made aioli - everything on this menu is terrific and there are smaller burger options for kids too. These guys have thought through every element in your burger and it shows. If you’re in the city and you have a car, it’s only 15 minutes over the bridge to this northern secret, so don’t leave it off your list (and out of your hungry mouth) because of location.

If you live on the Shore, there's only one place to go for burgers and that's The Flaming Onion. This beloved takeaway joint has elevated the humble burger to the best it can be, using corn-fed chicken infused with garlic and thyme, handmade Angus beef patties and the freshest of produce to satiate even the most discerning of burger connoisseurs.

Their meals are worth every cent. By far the best place for burgers on the North Shore. The burgers and sides don't make you feel bloated and yuck like others. Love them!

Since moving to this part of town I've been searching for a good burger place, and I was hopeful after seeing the other reviews. Was not disappointed!

The Flaming Onion is a new gourmet burger / takeaway shop run by a bunch of young Kiwi guys who are friends of friends. Needless to say we had to try it out, with recommendations running high, and we're certainly glad we did. Arriving last night at around 7pm, they were clearly doing good business, the shop packed with customers. Inside, the shop boasted a Space Invaders machine (Mr Finer Finish couldn't resist a trip back to his youth!), a plate of fries on the counter to munch on while you wait, and a team of young, bustling guys cooking some scrummy burgers with a whole lot of love! The menu includes 100% pure angus beef burgers, corn fed chicken burgers, vege options, fish, weekly specials and some great combos of burger, fries, coleslaw and a drink. We opted for the 'Old Smokey' weekly special - angus beef, smoked cheddar, bacon, caramelised onions, lettuce and aioli on a toasted seeded bun. And of course upgraded to a combo deal. All I can say is "WOW"! The burger patties are homemade and you can taste it. So full of flavour and a great texture. The bacon was good quality, there was plenty of smoke cheddar, the aioli was tasty and the size of the burger was huge. The fries were light and crunchy and the oil was clean, the coleslaw was simple but nice. Combos start at $14.50 which is about what you would pay at a chain such as Burger Fuel. Flaming Onion are far tastier and I love the homemade factor. I'm a huge fan of supporting small Kiwi businesses, and these guys have done such an amazing job at tackling the takeaway market (so often dominated by Chinese/European takeaways with cheap, nasty, poor quality ingredients). I highly recommend The Flaming Onion. Expect to pay more than your local cheap & nasty takeaway, but know that they have lovingly cooked something to the same (or even higher) quality as you would cook in your own home. I'll be going back for more.... probably within the week!

Comment by Andrew L.
Sounds great. Can't wait to try it out.

I had the Cheese and Pickle (burger of the week) and my husband had the Beef and Cheese. They put mine in a ‘fold’ for me even though that’s not how it is on the menu. I really appreciated that.