Diets are Dead! Want to lose weight and improve your health? Just by knowing what foods to eat?  The Food Cruncher helped me with my protein intake and all my bloating has disappeared. I’ve stopped the mass gainer shakes and spread my protein intake mo...

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The Food Cruncher provides lots of different food and nutrition plans to help you stay healthy. We have a 12 month lifestyle plan teaching all things nutrition which includes meal plans, recipes and blogs - only $14.95 per month.

Our results show clients lose up to 26kg over a 6 month period. No diets. Just real food.

We have 4-week meal plans for people who just want to follow a meal plan or get some inspirational recipes. Our meal plans cater for vegetarian, vegans and meat eaters. Each meal plan has 84 recipes. Only $9.99 per month.

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Nutrition for Mental Health

We are super excited to announce the release of our new digital nutrition programme - Nutrition for Mental Health...


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There's a lot of useful information to teach me what and why about nutrition. It's not just simply about diet, it's really about educating people to make a better choice for food. Once you understand and have awareness of nutrition, it's just so much easier to maintain your eating habit and stick to it in a long term. Recipes are amazing!!! Highly recommend The Food Cruncher!

Comment by Michelle R.
Thank you Anna for your amazing review. You totally understand what The Food Cruncher is trying to do - give people the knowledge to make an informed choice about food - and then they never need to go on a 'diet'again.

The articles are really easy to understand - you don't become overwhelmed. Plus the recipes are delicious!

Comment by Michelle R.
Hello David, thank you so much for your review. We try to write articles that are informative and easy to understand - and write recipes that are easy to make with not too many strange ingredients.

Highly recommend. There are a lot of fad diets out there that produce fast, short term results but don't teach you the skills to make healthier decisions. The Food Cruncher has taught me so much about nutrition and has lead me to make better food choices resulting in a much healthier lifestyle. I know what I have learnt will last a lifetime not just 6 weeks.

Comment by Michelle R.
Thank you for your review Kelsey. That's our whole reason for existing - to give people the knowledge to make an informed choice. We sincerely appreciate your review.

As a strength and conditioning specialist based in the UAE (and nutrition not being a specialist area) I have no hesitation in recommending The Food Cruncher to clients, friends and family. Ease of use, based on scientific principles and performance being the reasons I use it and would recommend you consider it.

Comment by Michelle R.
Darrell, thank you for your amazing review. All our information is evidence-based so we appreciate you acknowledging this.

Finally! A place where you can learn all that you need to know about food so that you can make well informed choices…and it doesn’t read like a text book! Easy to understand and such great recipes. I am loving my Food Cruncher journey!

Comment by Michelle R.
Thank you Marie. That's important to us. Easy to read information that teaches people how to eat real food without being on a diet 😀

Highly recommend the product offerings by The Food Cruncher. I have had major personal benefits and continue to see results.

Comment by Michelle R.
Thank you for your review Quentin. We are happy to see you continue to have results from what The Food Cruncher teaches.