Coffee shop, lunch bar, cheapest coffee and the best pies in town


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I love the pies, the coffee and the service. What more could you ask

I have raved about food room’s pies before. They’re divine, I would suggest that you try the Huffer pie. It has a bit of a quick too!

When the mood of pie strikes (as it's wont to do), take yee to the Food Room. Look at these guys! Also great coffee, salads (of you aren't in the mood of pie), and other baked things. And lunch specials!

The Food Room is Ponsonby’s answer to Kingsland’s The Fridge. They do good coffee, salads and milkshakes but their standout feature is the pies. I opted for a mince and cheese pie and it was in the same league as the Fridge. Buttery pastry with a premium filling. At around $8 it’s on the pricey side but worth it if you’re on the mood for a pie!

The very best bacon and egg pies in town . Thy scramble the egg in the pie first, so yummy. Also the mince and cheese is outstanding pie- the cheese is in fact mozzarella

and yes i agree the pies are to die for!

The pies are what everyone talks about. Considering there's a sign outside which says 'best pies in town' or something to that tune. The pastry is delicious, buttery and flakey but the pies are also pricey at around the $7.50 mark. The fillings are generous with meat and tasty. Though the mince and cheese pie is nice they do add a few extra herbs and ingredients so it's not your standard mince and cheese pie flavour. I personally prefer a basic mince flavour and sauce. Their huffer mexican pie is also a good choice. They give you a cute coloured animal figure instead of a table number. 

After walking past their blackboard sign saying 'best pies in Auckland' a couple of times, I decided to finally take them up on the challenge and test whether this was true - and I have to admit, they're not far from the truth. I had a mint and lamb pie dine-in, and at around $7 a pop it's not cheap for a pie, and it would have been a nice touch if they had offered some mesclun or salad greens for dine in (like Little & Friday), but when compared with $15-20 lunch options in the area, it's actually not too bad value. I will definitely be back to try some other flavours!

Comment by AnnaABP M.
Will definitely have to try the pies here!!
Comment by Janine S.
i think your right YUM!

If you're after a tasty Pie, go check out the Food Room today. Coffee is suburb and extremely reasonable which is a rarity along Ponsonby Road. Also have delicious sandwiches and salads! 

Best Pies, Best Coffee Friendliest staff, and heaps of PARKING, what more do you need in Ponsonby?

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