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Affordable? Check Tasty? Check 5 stars? Check

This is real value for money!! We just love The Frais and their burgers are the biggest and tastiest ever!  If you do not like meat, try their Vegetarian Burger.  There are salads too.  Try out their specials! The Frais true has the best burgers in town!

YUM, YUM, YUM,  Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! Great prices, HUGE burgers, the most tastiest chips you'll ever buy.  Excellent service, JUST THE BEST!!!  We LOVE THE FRAIS!!!!

The Frais have made a name for themselves… No price changes just more customers… Make sure you phone order on nights as there is usually a good 30 minute wait…. Shows the popularity

Made to order and they will take in any special requests and not charge you extra! You can get a full dinner combo for less than $10 and its a very clean/tidy premises so is certainly worth it! Don't go here though if you are in a hurry as designing/cooking such good burgers takes time but is so worth it (Average wait is about 15 minutes even if you're on your own).