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The Gateau House is my number one favourite cake shop. The wide range of delicious mouth-watering cakes it offers is amazing. Highly recommended to all looking for some really high quality cakes that will leave you the sweetest taste memory.

The cakes from The Gateau House are truly the most amazing cakes I've had so far. They offer a wide range of slices and whole cakes too for all occasions. Every time, I need to get a cake either for a birthday/anniversary I'll get it from The Gateau House. The cakes are very delicious and just looking at some of them will make your mouth water.

If you've never had a cake from The Gateau House, you have to try it. You get one of the best cakes ever from The Gateau House. Its truly worth the price and a real treat for any occasion. I recently bough the chocolate mousse cake for my friend's birthday and everyone loved it. Its one of the best cakes we've ever had. Highly recommended and am looking forward to trying the other cakes that are on the shelf.

This place is awesome when you need a sweet treat for yourself. You can choose to get a slice or get a whole cake. The staff are helpful, even ringing the people who make the cakes to check if a certain ingredient was in the cake or not. If you like cookies and cream you should try their cookies and cream cheesecake! (I’m not a cheesecake fan at all but this one is so good!) Also love the chocolate mousse and mango mousse too!

These guys have some of the best sweet treats available for anyone in town. Their black forest cake is one of the best. They also have some good coffee flavoured cakes. Yes, they are a bit steep on the wallet but then along with price comes quality which these guys dont compromise on.

I went in just the other day for a macchiato which was pretty good - probably some of the best you're going to get around that part of queen st (that i've tried - prove me wrong coffee-houses). And the best part was, I spilled it (like an oaf) and they made me another on the house. Aww. The cakes look really exciting - one had tiramasu stencilled on top in helvetica. Nice touch. 

Check out the Green Tea Slice its to die for !