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My daughter began guitar lessons with Damon (Mr Winter to his younger students) when she had just turned 8.  She had previously attended group lessons at her school for one term but we were looking for a more individual approach.  After only two terms, my daughter had gained the confidence to enter her school talent show with a solo performance of "Stay Stay Stay" (guitar and singing) by Taylor Swift.  She was extremely nervous but utterly determined and ended up being 7 finalists performing on stage in front of 1,000 people.  She didn't win, but she was great and she very much enjoyed the experience and had fun - something that the Modern School of Guitar very much encourages.  Damon is excellent with his students - patient but firm and encouraging.  His communication and professionalism with me as a parent is fantastic.  My daughter is looking forward to many more lessons with the Modern School of Guitar and I would not (and do not!) hesitate to recommend Damon to others looking to learn guitar or extend their musical repertoire.

Our seven year old daughter recently started lessons with Damon. From our first point of contact Damon was very professional and extremely helpful in assisting us to buy what we needed (without overspending!) to begin our daughter's musical journey. Damon takes particular care to choose songs our daughter likes and frequently asks for feedback which he is receptive to, Our daughter really enjoys her weekly lessons and we are enjoying seeing and hearing the progress she is making.

I can't speak highly enough of Damon as a teacher.  My son Ethan (9) has been with him nearly a year.  He has motivated Ethan and fostered his enjoyment of the guitar.  He has also challenged & stretched him all the while ensuring strong technical development with the instrument.  Damon is also the kind of teacher who goes out of his way - twice now he has taken time out to come guitar shopping with Ethan, helping us work out the particular instrument he needed.  Fantastic stuff and greatly appreciated - I'm really pleased Damon is teaching Ethan, long may it continue!!!!. 

My teenage daughter loves her guitar lessons... I thought she'd lose interest but Damon is fun and patient and doesn't try to force a particular playing style. His emphasis is on enjoying the experience - he encourages students to write their own material and is infectiously enthusiastic. I can't recommend him highly enough.

My 12 year old daughter has been going to Damon for guitar lessons for the last year. She has made great progress during that time, but more importantly her love for music has strengthened.  She still needs 'encouragement' on the practice front - but Damon is great in motivating them to take on the responsibility for their development in between lessons. His way of interacting with Hannah during lessons is magic - she responds so well to his way of teaching.  Having the two concerts throughout the year is a great way to see how much work has gone in through the year and it gives the students something to work towards. Highly recommend!

I wrote to Damon at the beginning of 2012 “27 y/o male with no musical background whatsoever.” Eight months later Damon has patiently and enthusiastically transformed me into a keen and competent guitar player. He is always keen to source and teach me songs I request to learn, he has also introduced me to other genres such as Flamenco and the Blues. Damon has been an excellent teacher and is very encouraging to help me progress, I don’t even feel embarrassed that all the kids he teaches are better than me! Highly recommended

Damon is an excellent teacher. He is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, he tailors lessons towards what I am trying to achieve, and mixes relevant theory with fun stuff. My guitar playing has improved significantly in 6 months of lessons, and I am keen to learn more. Thanks heaps Damon!

Our 10-year old son has been having guitar lessons with Damon for 3 years and when I ask him what he likes about his lessons he would say: " what I like is that I can have fun and at the same time learn a lot".  Damon is a very professional teacher, patient and very kind. What we like is that he is teaching guitar basics and is also very open to our son music choices.

Our 7 year old son started lessons with Damon a few months ago and we are very impressed with how much Damon has achieved with him. He has made great progress and enjoys his lessons. Damon is always enthusiastic, kind and patient, but also injects some fun into every lesson!

Truly the first thing I loved about Damon is his skills of making anything looks simple when it comes to guitar.  He s got this ability to keep you always motivated and proud of what you ve achieved. His voice, methods and passion just give you so much love  and energy to keep you  playing and practicing guitar. One thing I would ask Damon, is “ it s ok to tell me that you have the feeling that I didn`t practice that much, and I should do better next time, ... I ll be fine J Thank you Damon