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Very caring ladies who are always providing excellent advise and support.  My puppy always comes home looking very cute after grooming.  Would highly recommend The Posh Pooch. :-)  

The Posh Pooch groom our Shih-Tzu/Bichon, Rocket, regularly. He always looks amazing and receives the best care while he is there. I feel 100% comfortable leaving him in their care and know that they will have him looking gorgeous! Can't recommend them enough!

So happy with the service at Posh Pooch. We have a Samoyed & have never been able to find a groomer willing to groom our dog. Posh Pooch take time, care and effort to look after our dog and her difficult coat, thank you Posh Pooch, you make Summer look amazing and manageable for us to care for her coat at home, would be lost without you !!

I just saw the Localist reviews on Facebook so I thought I'd follow trend and rate our wonderful groomers. I have a 1 year old Spoodle named Poppy. She has been going to The Posh Pooch since she was a puppy. She loves Lisa and Mel and just met the new girl Fiona today and loves her too. Poppy always comes out looking adorable in her Teddy Bear hair cut, and she is always really happy to go the the groomers. I would recommend getting your dog groomed here to anyone. Poppy says she would too!

I just got my Mastiff x Bruno groomed at the Posh Pooch. Bruno is a very large, very drooley, very strong, very excitable and very sooky boy (He is 53kgs). He loves the beach and seems to find lots of fish guts to roll in everyday.  What a difference! When I stroke him I am not getting a handful of fur!! He smells like baby powder and feels lovely and soft. :) Highly recommend! We will be back! :)

I recently moved to Howick and needed to find a dog groomer for my dogs Milly (Bichon) and Mojo (Shih Tzu). A friend of mine asked on a local facebook page East Auckland Grapevine and the overwhelming response was to go to The Posh Pooch. I am so glad I did!!! The premises was amazing and high tech (and CLEAN), the girls were knowledgeable and friendly - and they even took me out the back to show me where the dogs are bathed and groomed. My dogs have never looked or smelled so good!!!!! I have found my groomers. Milly and Mojo say a BIG THANK-YOU to the girls at Posh Pooch. We will be back!!!!

Comment by mary r.
Hi Cindy! Welcome to Howick! Check out the facebook page ES.DK (East Side Dog Krew). It's a local dog lovers page. It's a great way to meet people - and groups of us often meet at Eastern Beach or Macleans Reserve so that our dogs can play together.