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A great place to stop and browse when you’re in the mood for treating yourself to some special, wearable and unique lingerie. The brands in store are vast and at plenty of great price points, so you can pop in and pick up something everyday and comfy or a little on the slinky side - they have it all!

As I found out when I wandered in. When I got over the shock of all the lingerie on display I found myself rescued by a friendly storeperson who must have been used to fumble footed males wandering in. She helped me pick something out as a gift for she who must be obeyed with a minimum of fuss which was very happily received at home! I've since been back on a regular basis, as I've been assured underwear, and sleepwear make for excellent presents!  

Comment by A W.
The young saleswoman was very helpful and sweet. I was however really put off buying by the manner of the seemingly more senior (or shop owner/ manager). My size wasn't available and they requested my credit card to secure a purchase once they found my size. No issues with that; however, the senior saleswoman's comment ("Don't want to be mocked around checking") was discourteous and unprofessional. Buying lingerie is a fun and exciting experience and I really don't want to hear such comment or be spoken to like this. I did give my credit card details in case they found my item, but advised I'd also look elsewhere. I found the item in Smith and Caughey and informed the Pyjama Co. Tainted the pleasure of buying; won't go there again.