The mission of The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga is: Caring for people: follow the example of Jesus by identifying with the needy, standing alongside them and caring for people in all situations. Transforming lives: we believe tha...


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This Salvation Army store is a reasonable size and has a good range of items - furniture, books, clothing, crockery, music etc.  They are normally fairly cheaply priced.  Like any op shop, it's worth searching as you never know what you may find.  From time to time, I've even seen a selection of wedding dresses.  Good for finding dress ups.

The Salvation Army are the only place some people have to turn to in their time of need. They are always there, always available to help.   Its a fantastic service so very much needed in our society.   I always try to donate good items to the Sallies to help those less fortunate than myself. A worthy necessary cause, you never know we all might need them one day.  So please try to donate at their next collection.