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We stopped in at Timber Recycling Company the other day in search of a door or two for our renovation project. For me it was my first time there, but my partner is a lot more familiar with the place. There is stuff everywhere! The owner or manager was quick to spot us as we got out the car and came to offer a hand and point us in the right direction. Soon we were up steps, through buildings, alleys and back down more steps, amazed at all the little gems we came across on the way. Despite being full to the brim with stuff - some stunning, some just old and tatty - it was reasonably organised. Most the doors we were looking at were priced already which was a big help. We found a door we liked and it was very reasonably priced. Asking after sills, jambs etc, we were disappointed to find a lot of rotting sills sitting outside on the grass and really not suitable to be used. The jambs were very overpriced and the guy wasn't really interested in negotiating. Had the gentleman in the yard been more interested in helping us and negotiating prices (within reason, of course), I can imagine we could very well have ended up taking more time to look around, and buying a lot more things for the house renovation.   We were also pleasantly surprised to find they did have EFTPOS there I'm really keen to go back there soon and have a really good look around. I can imagine hours could be spent nosing around. Along with the usual doors, basins, wood, floorboards, vanities etc, there weresome beautiful reclaimed pieces in there just waiting for an artistic or creative person to give them some TLC and restore them to their former beauty. Women - be inspired but wear flat shoes, there's a lot of obstacles, ducking, diving and sliding!

Recycled timber is the way to go and this depot has a great range with a lot of native wood. Plus the two yard dogs are lovely.