The Warehouse Group officially stylized as TWG, was founded by Stephen Tindall in 1982, and is the largest retail group operating in New Zealand.

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Books, clothing, DVDs, Electronics, Music, Gaming, Gifts, Homewares, Toys, Insurance


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A seemingly endless oasis of cheap anythings. Always the last stop on every exhaustive search for eerily specific things, from that time I needed a phallic cactus to what I now refer to as the day of fifty desk lamps, it always proves that it should be the first destination of my fruitless searches for short-lived errata.

Stay with me on this one. There is something oddly cathartic about the contained vast open space of this converted airplane hanger. The cold neon lights and the very muchness of everything there is incredibly good at putting things into perspective. Everything seems a little better, a little further away, a little less pressing, when you’re browsing nothings in a giant Warehouse. And, hey, you might come away with a four dollar pair of track pants. So. Score.