The White Lady may be over sixty years old, but this old girl is still serving up tasty eats to Auckland's late night crowd.

The fast food caravan is towed into Commerce Street every evening, and serves Kiwi style burgers fresh to order all night, every night.

If heading home after a night of revelry and feeling a bit peckish, don't drink and fry! Head to the White Lady instead for a fast, fresh and gourmet feast.

Products and specialities

Kiwi-style burgers includes both Classic and Gourmet
Crab stick
Vege burger
Vege hotdog
Chicken pieces
Roast potatoes
Squid rings


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(Tenth place) Due to the scheduling of my visits to Auckland’s oldest foodtruck, The White Lady and I don’t always have the clearest picture of our relationship, but I know for sure that I’m a happy customer. The burgers are large and delicious and the staff are always friendly, even after more than 60 years serving the nightlife on the city’s streets. The menu has maybe too many options for the functionally drunk to safely navigate, but no matter what you pick you’ll be greedily spilling burger fillings onto the moonlit street with a grin on your face, that much I can guarantee.

OMG Go the Auklander...Got to love the madness going on around the place while your waiting to stuff your face...OOOh Yeah

A good night out on the town is not complete without a visit to the White Lady. Burgers are top notch and you tend to meet some interesting characters along the way 

Comment by Sara B.
Always a sign of a good night is a trip to the White Lady!

Like a lot of Aucklander’s I’ve never actually had food from The White Lady sober. In saying that it is the best end to a night of shenanigans that downtown has to offer. The white caravan is an Auckland institution (my dad worked there when he was my age) and as far as fast food goes their bacon burger is up there among the best in Auckland.

White Lady is my go-to burger place on the way home from work. Everything tastes fresh and well prepared. The guys working the grill and till are always friendly and inviting. 

Impressed with the burgers….they are just as damn good as they were years ago! Alot more pricey now but hey. Massive queue of some funny and tanked folk made the hunger pains and craving intense!! Worth the wait for a wholesome burger. Makes the big Mac look miniature!!

Great burger as always, a bit slow because of the popularity but well worth the wait. Fresh, tasty and satisfying for lunch or dinner.

You really can’t go past this for a home made fresh tasting snack. The burgers are great! Reliable, simple, perfect. Highly recommended for brunch on the weekend. It 24 hours on the weekend. Grab a couple of burgers and head to Tamaki Drive.

Diamond in the rough. Iconic, right up there with the "Adelaide Pie Cart" and Woolloomooloo's "Harry’s Café de Wheels". Fang that King Burger!