Whatever you dream of that could be coated, covered, dipped, smothered or streaked in chocolate, the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge will do. This comfy chocolate-coloured haven is all about plushness, decadence and indulgence from the desserts they serve right down to their leather couches.

As far back as 1900BC Maya and Aztec priests served chocolate during special ceremonies and the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge is continuing that tradition long into the 21st Century.

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deserts, drinks, food, sweets.

Holiday hours as normal day hours. Closed Good Friday, Christmas day and New Years day.


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This place is one for the chocolate lovers! When you want real chocolate flowing as a fountain into hot chocolate (yes, this is actually a real thing!) make a beeline for one of the Theobroma Chocolate Lounges throughout Auckland. It’s a truly decadent experience and one I will never, ever forget. Make sure you go with an empty stomach because this chocolate treat will fill you up good and proper.

Awesome place! great chocolate waffles! perfect for a cheat day

This is famous lounge and good services in wellington.

What could be better than getting to dip already good food in chocolate? It doesn't really get better than that so Theobroma Chocolate Lounge have run with this idea and offer a a selection of food including fruit, marshmallows and waffles that you can dip into chocolate to your heart's content which is just as delectable as it sounds. They also offer a particularly stellar hot chocolate which comes with its own clever tea-light warmer underneath along with a range of chocolates and cakes that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Mochas from Theobroma Chocolate Lounge in Mt Wellington, Auckland are a supremely rich, decadent cocoa and coffee delight. The complimentary chocolate truffle is a nice touch indeed.

I suggest this place with caution. I love the hot chocolate but really wouldn’t go there to eat. The hot chocolate comes with a tea light warmer underneath which I think is pretty nice. I didn’t like the one at St Lukes but the Mt Wellington place is nice.

Tried Waffles in Chocolate and what a treat! I go back time & again!! You wont be disappointed!

Enjoyed a famous hot mug at the chocolate lounge. It was pretty good, I expected more richness but it was still nice. Definitely an appropriate choice on a cold day.

We loved the hot chocolate and the staff were very friendly. It is not the first time we have been there - sometimes I get my partner to pick up me a piece of chocolate mud cake but this time we sat down and I loved the Hot Chocolate (what a great idea to put a candle underneath).  We will be returning and my orders for my partner will be for chocolate mud cake as well as hot chocolate to take away :)

I absolutely love the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge in Mt Wellington, not just because I'm the biggest chocolate fan, but because I have tried other chocolate lounges before and nothing beats the quality of the desserts and the good service by friendly staff. Their truffles are even more amazing!  The shop itself is always well presented with clean tables and an awesome collection of truffles on display. Their cool warmer mugs with the candle underneath is just a bonus!  

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