Tiffin Indian Cuisine brings the spice and zest of Indian food to New North Road in the form of a well decorated restaurant, known for their friendly staff who keep glasses full and never fail to ask you how your meal was.

Tiffin is BYOW and there's parking available behind the establishment, making it the perfect little after-work haunt in the bustling village.

With their colourful curries and locally renowned naan, we're so glad that they offer a takeaway option.

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Indian food
North Indian street food
Best naan in Auckland


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Yum Indian food. Super friendly staff. It's BYO ( bonus!) and they also do take aways. Love the Lamb Saag ❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👌

I've loved it before but I'll keep on loving Tiffin because foodie friends in the know reckon this is THE place of the moment for Indian food, regardless of whether you are eating in or taking away. Buttery balls of puffed goodness, the naan is the best and fluffiest in all of Auckland. Tiffin is North Indian street food and the chefs here truly know how to create incredibly, authentic flavours. If you haven't tried it yet and you love Indian food, you haven't lived. Full stop.


Wafts of delicious spicy flavours engulf you as soon as you step off New North Rd and into this very popular Indian restaurant in Kingsland. With reflective mirrors and walls deep-red in colour, you are instantly transported to the East and a world of spicy delights. This is wholesome, authentic Indian food done perfectly every time. And that’s before even mentioning the out-of-this-world prices. Samosa are one of my go-to snacks when I’m on the run and Tiffin does such a clever creation of this spiced potato pastry that’s so good, I always wish for just one more bite. And at just $6.50, their samosa are some of the best value in town. It’s also a good cheap eat with friends because they do banquets that start from just $35 per person and it’s a feast fit for a king (or a queen!).

My assistant manager has been telling me about Tiffin for some time now, so after a bad experience at my ex-fav Indian restaurant last month, i decided to finally take his suggestion and give Tiffin a fair go. I went with my wife, my brother in law and his wife. Each and everyone of us LOVED the food and also LOVED the service. The food came out pretty quickly and it was really delicious. The service was really friendly, unlike other Indian restaurants where we’ve only been asked at the end of the meal ‘how was your meal’ we were asked how everything was about 3 times during our meal. The service was absolutly primo. Cannot fault them on their service at ALL! And also the young girl wouldn’t allow our glasses become empty… She hurried over to our table and refilled our glasses every time we had nearly run dry! (Mind you, we were the only 4 people eating there last night. I’d like to go back on a busier day to see how they go. Although i am sure they’ll do fine!) The pani puri was really nice, so was the chicken tikka masala, fish tikka and the mango chicken, the naan, the rice, the pickles and the papadom! I cannot fail Tiffin on anything! Oh there is one thing that they should consider changing… For an Indian restaurant owned by non-muslims they serve HALAL Chicken & lamb, which i truly appreciate. They also serve beef, except that is non-halal. I would like it very much if they served halal beef some day. But the non-halal beef issue isn’t going to stop us from going back. There are alot of items on their menu to choose from. Now just for the record, all 4 of us are Indians. 2 of us (my wife and i) have eaten at many Indian restaurants and Tiffin is by far the best in NZ that we’ve been to. If you have eaten at the likes of Taj Oberoi @ Broadbeach (which is fairly expensive), the food quality @ Tiffin is the same except it is cheaper. Keep up the great work Tiffin. YouWILL see us again. Once again, great service and even better food. * Went there again on V-Day (14th Feb) with my wife and this time it was a Full House. Every table was packed, yet we still managed to get our food in aprox 40 min’s (entree’s came out in 20ish minutes. With a full house, that was pretty good in my books). Unlike a lot of Restaurant who cannot cope well under pressure, Tiffin can handle the pressure and as well as that they still have time to walk up to the customers table and make conversation with the customer. And THANK YOU a lot for the complimentary goat curry! My wife and i don’t like goat meat but we thought it would be rude to decline, so we tried it out. And to our surprise it was REALLY GOOD. We’ll be ordering a goat dish next time Thank you to the Staff @ Tiffin for making last night a top night.

We finally tried Tiffin Cuisine last week having lived very close to this restaurant for a long time. It does not have the greatest street appeal but after reading a review we gave it a go and were not disappointed. Very tasty, authentic meals - unlike the food court style varieties you see most places - this was not heavy on the cream, fresh spices and herbs could be tasted and seen and generous portions. Ended up getting takeaways twice in one week! So glad to have found a good Indian local!

My parents kept talking about this place so i went in for dinner tonight, one of the best chicken kormas i have had! will be back!

Great food, good service, nice staff best Indian in kingsland if not Auckland

Tiffin is the best Indian restaurant in Auckland. The food is amazing and the staff are just lovely. I don't live nearby anymore but will still drive out if my way to go there