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Love the churros... yummy

Tasty toppings. My favourite is drizzled caramel and chocolate.

Toro Churro's is a small shop located on Queen Street. I loved the churro's especially when they come out straight from the frying pan as when the hot chocolate and caramel sauces are drizzled on them it just melts in your mouth. If you go there frequently, do get the loyalty card, as after seven times, you'll get your eight churro pack for FREE! It's definitely worth it and highly recommended.

After finishing work, I often drop by at Toro Churro to pick up my 6 pack of chocolate and caramel drizzled churros. It tastes so delicious especially when it comes out piping hot. Especially, on a cold and wet day, I enjoy eating the Churro's even more.

Toro Churro's are my favourite especially when its comes out hot from the frying area. Ideally located on Queen street, makes it a one stop quick snack each time I pass by it. As I have now become a regular customer, I have received a loyalty card. I've tried the cheese, caramel and chocolate churo's and they are all my favourites. A definite place to visit for all those who have a sweet tooth.

Oh how I love churros! And I have to say that the toro churros on queen street are by far the best I have ever had! :D

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