Price Range Reasonable
Ambience Family friendly
Noise level Serene
Licence This venue is licenced
Food Options Vegetarian

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My boy insisted on making a review of Trendy (I wasn't adverse, but he reminded me!). We've eaten a couple of times here and it's fabulous value and the service has always been lovely. I think it's cheap Tuesdays (may be other days too) where main meals are only $10 each which is fantastic value. My son's comment "The food is sublime!" He is 12 and really enjoyed the food and experience, of having a bit of a sit down, chomp and a chat. Great for a family meal out, well priced and tasty. Loos are fine!

Comment by Rowena J.
Ohh yummy!!

Pro: cheap (from Mon-Wed) Con: Staff attendance, flair We were there with a voucher over $35 - unfortunately the price of $10 for a main meal did not count for this though. The food was quite yummy and if you go there on Monday - Wednesday and only pay $10 for a main it's certainly a good price. Service wasn't that good. Even though they weren't busy at all, it took them quite long to attend to us and also in between it was quite difficult to get the waiters' attention. While the interior design wants to hint at something up-class (although the brick walls are just a wallpaper), the bright flashing lights outside are totally out of place.

Trendy Indian is great value for money and the food is delicious. I have a regular order for my main of Palak Paneer, but I like to mix it up by trying different entrees - the Charcoal Chicken and Chicken Kebab are both delectable. They do great naan breads, and the flavours in all of the dishes are really delicious. The bollywood videos they play on screen in the restaurant are also an entertaining touch if your dinner company gets a little boring! One thing that could be improved on is the consistency of heat in the meals - I always order medium and each time I get something different in terms of spice - but overall it doesn't worry me as I know the food is always going to taste good.  They also do takeaways, which is always handy when you don't feel like sitting in a restaurant.

Great food. Fast service. The chicken satay starter is really good and a super large potion. Also loved the Bollywood videos playing on the big screen!