Background Vanilla Design Ltd was started in 2007. The business is based in Dunedin, New Zealand but happily ship products worldwide. With a focus on contemporary homeware, Vanilla Design has developed its own extensive line of modern homeware under its own “Objectify” label in addition to stocking selected lines from other New Zealand designers.


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One of the things I love about this store is how regularly the Objectify products in particular are updated with new and fresh items.  I keep wanting to go back to check what new items have been added!  The items are modern and unique, while also being affordable - so great for searching for the perfect gift!

Comment by KL
Cool, awesome review :)

Santa got us the noteboard for Christmas. Looking forward to finding a great spot in the house for it

Comment by KL
Cool, definitely awesome :)

Very cool wall organiser- have yet to sort out hooks on wall of foyer to use- and love the key hooks and sticking out plates for envelopes and paper. Good size- will be able to hold a decent amount of things. Localist store is awesome. Thank you! Very much looking forward to making full use of it!

Very cool fruit bowls- there were many awesome options in store but missed out on the snowflake one. These two are really great just the same. Thank you Localist store- like them very much!

Very cool clear jewellery stand- sad I missed out on the wooden one but this is beautiful just the same! Unsure if this will be a gift or for myself yet (really want it!). Great purchase, thank you Localist store!

Got my blackboard and marker today and very excited to use it. Already hanging up in the foyer. Great size. Beautifully made. Can't wait to have reasons to write on it! Thank you Localist store

Made from dishwasher safe “glass edged” acrylic this bowl is strong and easy to wash.  

The board comes with a white liquid chalk pen – use it to write notes, lists or doodles!  Commonly used in cafes and restaurants to write the menus and specials boards, the liquid chalk dries quickly and can be wiped clean with a cloth.   Hang from a hook or stick up with Blu-tac, velcro dots or command adhesive strips.  It can be used vertically or horizontally.

The design of the bowl is based on the organic growth pattern of microbes. Made from dishwasher safe acrylic, it is 21cm wide. Designed and made in New Zealand.

The Magazine Cradle is a self levelling rack that can hold a stack of magazines! The handles make moving easy and the red tinted acrylic is very strong and durable. Designed and made in New Zealand.1250