Want gorgeous, groovy blinds without the expense?

That's where the classic kiwi 'DIY' attitude comes in, and these guys will help you out!

You measure your windows, let DIY Blinds know what size and type of blinds you need. You can get a variety of styles like Venetian, vertical, wooden-look, sunscreen roller and standard roller blinds. Then, when they arrive you install them yourself.

This saves the cost of labour and that savings is passed on to you - score!

Call DIY Blinds today for high-quality, custom-made New Zealand blinds.

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Venetian Blinds
Vertical Blinds
Wooden-look Blinds
Sunscreen Roller Blinds
Standard Roller Blinds
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Excellent Products

Excellent Product

Excellent Products.

Great service at affordable prices!

Easy to set up thanks to the how to vids. Very cool.

Great selection of blinds

Saving money is a breeze with Ven Lu Ree Blind Services DIY. You measure your own windows, choose from the variety of blinds available, then install them when they arrive! Saves you having to take time off work to accommodate for someone else to install.

Great blinds love it!

They've got amazing blinds. Very beautiful.

Amazing service, highly recommend for all your Blinds need.