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DONT BUY Victors Furniture its all rubbish quality from CHINA they dont Honour the warranty Buyers BEWARE......

Saw a two and three seater on their trademe listing and went into the store to check it out and fell in love with them, they were much better in real life than online. The staff here are super friendly and even arranged delivery on a Sunday for me. Top notch service!

I went to the North Shore branch of Victors Choice Furniture this morning to look at a couch I had seen advertised on their TradeMe store.  I am quite particular with how I like to be treated in these kinds of stores when I am potentially going to be spending a lot of money and they met each of my expectations - I was greeted when I walked in the store, not ignored as I am in some places do when they don't think I can afford their products, I was left to shop by myself without being pestered or followed around, when I was ready to ask questions the lady was really helpful and informative but not pushy at all.  I fell in love with a lot of things there today but decided to go with the couch and an ottoman (which I had not planned on getting).  I hope to go back and get a few more things when I moved into my house finally.