What an atmosphere! What a place! What staff! What service! Come see us; it'll make your week; and oh we rent and sell DVDs and Games...


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I'm a big doco fan and I couldn't find one I wanted to United so the wife went here. Said they have a great selection. Will definitely going back

Have been going to this store for years & they are always friendly & helpful. 

This video easy has lovely staff who are always polite and happy to tend to your enquiries and sometimes can allow leeway with late returns. Good selection of movies and games. Would recommend this video store if it’s in your area

Great selection of new DVDs they let u know release dates constantly and so kind on fees for regulars. It’s a perfect set up with hells next door. Grab a new release, a large envy pizza and have one ‘hell of a night” I had to rave here as i accidentally broke a DVD and they let me off today without payment, ta for making my day!!