I didn't want to pay a dry cleaner in excess of $300 to clean my wedding dress, especially when I had heard horror stories of dresses that fell apart or rotted afterwards!

I wasn't comfortable not knowing what the process was nor which cleaners/chemicals were used.

Washed with Love is your opportunity to have your wedding/special occasion dress hand washed with love and care.

I only use Eco Friendly, plant based products

Products and specialities

We hand wash wedding and special occasion dresses.

Non-Silk Gown $100.00 first hour
$15.00 per hour after that

Silk Gown $150.00 cleaning fee
$15.00 per half hour drying

Ball Gown Short $30.00
Long $50.00


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You would never think that hand washing a wedding dress would be able to get out nearly every stain. But Jenn has managed to do this, BY HAND! She also uses environmentally friendly products to clean with as well. Both good for the world and for the dress

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