Z Energy Limited is a New Zealand-based company engaged in supplying fuel to retail and commercial customers. For motorists, the Company offers fuels, such as ZX Premium Unleaded, Z91 Unleaded, Z Bio D Biodiesel and Z Diesel. The Company also operates Z shop at approximately 200 locations across New Zealand. The Z shop offers food, Z Espress coffee, gift cards, discount vouchers and bathrooms. For business, the Company offers fuels, such as Z Diesel Emission Cleaner, diesel, aviation fuel, marine fuel and Z Bio D biodiesel. The Company also supplies bulk fuel to trucking companies, airlines, transport firms, construction companies, power generators, farmers, loggers and mining operations. The Company also supplies bitumen to roading companies. The Company also offers Z Card for business customers. The Company's subsidiaries include Harbour City Property Investments Limited, Z Energy ESPP Trustee Limited and Z Energy LTI Trustee Limited.


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