It's official! Aucklanders have gone totally batty for bagels - brilliant bagels. The kind of dense, chewy creations that are overflowing with delicious toppings and pay homage to their New York ancestors. That's why it's time to take a load off in the weekend and instead breakfast (lunch or dinner, for that matter) on the City of Sails' dish du jour. Here's a few of our local favourites and if you have a spot that's rocking out bagel beauties, why not share your love for it on their Localist listing? Eat well!

Dizengoff reviewed by liv d.

I love popping into this little gem on a Sunday after the brunch bunch have come and gone. When it's quiet enough to get a seat but the hustle and bustle of cafe life is still roaming the scene. I usually go for the avocado stack, a solid coffee and some pistachio, all top notch. On a more turbulent looking Sunday I'll often dig into one of their ridiculously good looking bagels before even looking at the menu (eager, yes). Every once in a while they change up the bagel fillings but they're so good that the team usually sticks to what the locals love. Careful though, the little gems are placed on the counter top and are a serious tease, even if you don't intend on getting one, you'll probably leave with one (or two in the case of 'those' Sundays).

Farro Fresh - Grey Lynn reviewed by liv d.

It may have put a little dent in my wallet at the time but working near Farro Fresh in Grey Lynn was the bees knees. Admittedly, I 'forgot' to pack lunch more often than not and I would always find myself aimlessly ogling the deli display for longer than necessary. When I'm there I usually pick a mix of the salads if it's good pickings - which is almost always, if you get in before the herds from the surrounding ad agencies - but if there's slim pickings the bagel is my go-to. Normally there's only a handful of bagel options but they are always creative, delicious and packed heavily with goodness. It's a top place for choice eats and you can always get in a nice appetiser if you remember to do the taster rounds on your way to the checkout.

Goodness Gracious reviewed by Kylie B.

If you are uptown in Auckland then this is the place to go for the best breakfast of bodacious bagels. Step inside this little hidden gem on New North Rd and it's like being transported into a bagelry in New York's Lower East Side. Like its name suggests, this great little bagel shop that could serves up delicious versions that truly make you go, "Goodness Gracious, that was good!" And if you are a bit of a yoga/health nut like me then don't miss their kale and banana green smoothie. It's so good it's like you made it at home! Oh and coffee is off the Richter Scale tasty.

Vulcan Lane Bagels reviewed by Kylie B.

When I want to breakfast or lunch like a Queen by spending just a collection of gold coins, there is no other place in Auckland I go than Vulcan Lane Bagels. These bagels are out-of-this-world wicked and such a good price! I almost fell over backwards when my order was passed to me the first time I visited because there's so many toppings on the bagel and the sauces - oh the sauces! - so delicious. The coffee is brewed long, strong and smooth too and that's why this place has fast become one of my inner-city addictions.

Best Ugly Bagels reviewed by Beth D.

These bagels are incredible. They are a far cry from the sad excuse for bagels you find at the supermarket, they are so chewy and delicious. The range of toppings is small but perfect. I had the TAB - sweet cherry tomato slices, a generous serving of avocado and basil on top, with delicious oil on top too. The best bagel is the sesame one, but I'd like to try the cinnamon one too. The hazelnut spread is divine, so thick and rich. The coffee is great too. Perfect Sunday morning destination!!!