It’s Halloween: time to eat, drink and be scary! Candy and costumes, tricks and treats: we’ve found five of the most bewitching spots where you can stock up on spook this All Hallows’ Eve.

Look Sharp Store - Victoria St reviewed by Binaifer A.

Look Sharp is one of the largest store I've ever seen that offers everything you could possibly need when your having a party of a special occasion. This store has it all. Now onwards, when ever I have to plan for a special party, I go straight into the Look Sharp store which solves all my problems. Its a one stop shop for all your party needs.

Party Mad - The Party Superstore reviewed by Amanda B.

If you’re decorating for a themed party you have to check out Party Mad. They have everything you’ll need, whether you’re having a low-key event or a massive party. Everything’s pretty reasonably priced, and if you don’t live nearby, you can order what you want online. Super easy.

First Scene Costume & Party Hire reviewed by Kerri R.

If you ever played dress-up as a kid, walking into First Scene is like walking into a warehouse filled with childhood dreams. This is not an overstatement. I was filled with awe at the sight of ceiling-high racks of every costume, ever. It’s a great place to browse, wander, try on costumes, and just be silly. They have lots of little costume accessories for purchase as well, so I try not to leave empty-handed.

The Candyman Mt Eden reviewed by Amy V.

My friends and I craved a midday breakfast and went to Mt Eden to seek out a cafe that does all day breakfast and stumbled across this cute little store! If you’re looking for a place that has a huge variety of national and international candies and chocolates this is the place to go! The customer service was great there was a lady, who came across as the owner, who was very approachable and friendly and willing to answer any questions that we had. There was a lot of American candy which were great and I ended up going home with american after mint chocolates and sour sherbet bubble gum! Worth checking out and great for novelty, your taste buds and presents!

The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop reviewed by Ella I.

This chocolate shop is amazing. We were served by the sweetest shop assistant - only appropriate for the sweetest little chocolate store! No matter the holiday, you are sure to find some customised hand made chocolates waiting for you to delight and surprise your friends and family. I must admit, I am taken with the novelty 'meme' chocolates myself.