Espresso Coffee School provides espresso coffee and barista training to people looking to gain employment as baristas, business owners looking to provide irresistible coffee to ensure their customers return, and to owners of home coffee machines wanting to get the best coffee experience.

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The ginger Latte was the best coffee concoction I ever had. Love the gift economy concept and the tasty nibbles they spread out.

A cozy cafe with a conscience. Espresso Coffee School on Swanson St is the place you find solace on a rainy Monday morning, when all you need is a bloody good coffee to get you through the day. They run under gift economy (you decide how much you pay) and care more for quality over profit. For those that are regulars, it's Auckland's best kept secret.

Gift economy coffee - pay what you feel for the excellent coffee these chirpy baristas will provide

From Mon - Fri 7am - 1pm, you can get a coffee for koha from the Espresso Coffee School! Cheap as you like, hot and delicious. Belissimo!

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