KiwiYo on Mission Bay's waterfront is a magical place - a place where you can create your own frozen dessert, just the way you like it.

With ten different flavours of frozen yoghurt and a multitude of fruits, candy, nuts and sauces, who wants to stick to vanilla? Load up a cup or cone with your selection, weigh your masterpiece then pay. It's the perfect accompaniment for a walk along the beach.


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This place is rad, love the pick your own stuff thing. Ideal

so yum!

Ome of the best paces in Auckland to take friends and family holodaying in NZ. Thanks for your services ☆☆☆☆☆

Treat yourself down on the water

Good selecton of Frozen Yogurt and toppings - make your own concoction

the kids love this place and it is devine. you can bribe the kids with good behaviour, extra help, you name it if you dangle this carrot in front of them. Have it sitting on an awesome park or beach watching the sunset - memories made

You know they’ll eat it if they make it themselves. Bingo.

Kiwi Yo is a really fun place to bring your kid because you get to choose whatever you want - your icecream, all the sprinkles, the sauces, etc. So it’s a really cute bonding activity and could also be a reward for when they have been good. It is also located on Mission Bay so you can make a day of it, going to the beach then getting ice cream. Real cute. Just be sure not to overdo the toppings as I did…. got a little bit too excited about all the choices.

Stopping by at KiwiYo is always a highlight of any jaunt to Mission Bay. Love the huge variety of toppings available here, and the fact that you can sample the yogurt flavours before you commit!

Grab a treat and head to the beach

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