Love Dumplings is located on Symonds Street in Auckland Central. We are a small shop, serves up trays of 25 dumplings in an array of flavours, including vegetarian, for all tastes.

With some of the friendliest faces in town, you can also buy dumplings by the tray and take them home to cook and share with friends & family. Steamed or fried, Love Dumplings will leave you in dumpling heaven.


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Need to try

A local in the know has shared with me a little secret about where to find the best-value dumplings in Auckland and you need to go no further than Love Dumplings in Symonds Street. This amazing little Chinese restaurant serves up 25 dumplings for just $12 and you can even take frozen ones home for cheaper - yep, if you DIY dumplings you'll get 30 dumplings for just $10. It's the kind of spot that makes you realise you can never judge a restaurant by its decor and instead should look to the food and local recommendations to make your decision. Don't miss the pork and leek dumplings... they're divine!