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Literally a cool fun thing to enjoy!

Lots of fun and good exercise, ice-skating is a great way to spend an afternoon and Paradice is the perfect place to do it. This rink has been a local favourite for years and is used for ice-skating, ice-hockey and has even hosted parties on the ice. A public session is skated to pop music, which makes for some amusing sing-a-longs sometimes and the team at Paradice will make sure you have a great time.

They've got Paradice Ice in the Aotea in winter now and it's a great day out for the whole family. Once you've learned to ice skate it's like riding a bike - you never forget how to glide over the ice and have so much fun

This place is fun for all ages and all abilities - no matter what the weather is like outside!

Comment by KL
Agree :)

This place is fun for all ages and all abilities - no matter what the weather is like outside!

Comment by KL
Definitely :)

I am so glad this place is still around. so many of them have been closed down as there seems to be little demand for ice skating. This place keeps going. Went there recently to find it as I remember and still busy, probably because other places have closed down! Long may it stay!

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Nice review :)

Paradice offer great fun, with good session times and a range of times you can skate at a time that suits you for however long you like. The skates fit well and there are friendly staff. As a venue it is a great place for children's parties. They have fun party rooms too for party games and cake. It is so fun and exciting for the children to skate around to the music and with the disco lights! Fun for all ages.

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Good review :)

Nothing like coming here on a hot summers day and spending a couple of hours reliving saturday night fever. Lately I have started going to Ice Hockey matches which are held every couple of weekends. The atmosphere at these games are truly great, with the home team "The Admirals" getting a lot of support. A group of guys have made up a chant which the whole crowd can get into : " What are the rules?" "the admiRULES!" I wish the price to skate was a bit cheaper but it can't be too cheap to run so its fair enough. one of my favorite places to go

Comment by AnnaABP M.
Couldn't agree more..
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Neat review :)

Took my 9 year old twins and my 23 old son and his girlfriend and they all had an absolute ball - the fun and laughs never stopped, the DJ was excellent and even played a request deicated to my kids - ot was great. Thansk goodness for a warm cafe to sit and thaw out and watch them have fun!

Comment by KL
Neat :)

i went here with some friends the other night and it was soooo much fun, a little cold but what do you expect, bring a jumper. they had mood lighting and great music, it was just a very fun hour and a half. would definately do it again.

Comment by KL
Awesome :)

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