Sea Life at Mall of America is a public aquarium located in the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, United States.

Products and specialities

- Take your visit to the next level with a Shark Cage or Shark Dive experience!
- Onsite Cafe
- Gift shop
- Wheelchair accessible


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This is a fun place to hang out as a family. The kids love looking at the penguins and sharks! definitely one of the best place to go to during school holiday!

Comment by Kylie B.
Awesome recommendation for things to do in the school holidays in Auckland. Thanks Elina.

Just brought our 2nd annual membership, and the kids so enjoy every visit here. It's super easy to look after them and we see something different each time we come.

Comment by uahaleuamorg k.
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Fun and educational place with something new to learn every time. Great for fans of marine animals of all kinds

I do like taking my children, but I enjoy it better on my own to be honest, then I can take my time.

Kelly Tarlton's is an awesome experience getting to see the underwater world up close without even getting your feet wet!

The stingray is the first thing we go and see at Kelly Tarlton's, followed closely by the penguins. We usually visit once a year and they often feature new sea life which makes the experience different every time. Having finally mustered up the courage - the next thing to try is shark diving.

The day I was there it was stormy - the waves were breaking on to the windows - it was the most incredible experience of bringing the 'outside in' but still feeling safe! Along with the spectacular aquarium and the waves it truly felt like a realistic ocean experience.

I think everyone can agree with me when I say sharks are cool as hell. That is, as long as they're not trying to eat you/circling you in open water. No they're much better fun when viewed through a thick pane of glass at Aucklands best Aquarium!

Great place for the kids, good play area and cafe.penguins are great to watch and good amount of history there too

The Penguins! Seeing them swim is the cutest