Very friendly service, generous proportions with reasonable prices.

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A North Shore institution, Takapuna Fish Shop has been smashing out great versions of this Kiwi favourite for decades. My grandma used to take me here when I was little and load me up on their yummy fresh fish and, if I’m ever in Takapuna on summer’s day, I’ll try and stop in here for a bite.

My son, my dad and I had just done the excellent Takapuna to Milford walk and decided to get fish 'n chips for dinner. While we were waiting dad recounted the story of when mum used to work in this very same store nearly 50 years ago. (Back then and even when I was a kid it was run by a guy named Dave.) Apparently when they were dating he used to pick her up after work on Friday nights but she had to sit in the back of the hotrod as she stunk of fried fish! Here is something uniquely Kiwi and special about a family sharing fish and chips and 50 years on and the Takapuna Fish shop is still doing what it does best - affordable, fresh, fish and chips. Magic.

We tried all the fish and chips shops in the takapuna area and we could not find any of the other one's better than these. they are not at all expensive and their chips are fresh and wholesome. really awesome.