Waiheke Community Art Gallery offers exhibitions and programmes that reflect the essence of Waiheke. The Gallery is a must for things to do in Waiheke. Thirty five minutes into the morning sun from downtown Auckland, lies the beautiful island of Waihek...


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Am still out on this one???

 this place is really amazing, cant miss it for anyone visit the island first time.

every time I go there there is a new exhibit , but I must admit I try to time my visits at gallery exhibition changing time which I think is about every two weeks . I recently heard that Queensland Australia was voted the biggest cultural desert in the world ,completely lacking culture but on Waiheke Island lead by its gallery the Island certainly has a cultural hub in the gallery .Waiheke Island and the gallery are definitely the opposite to Queensland . Plus if you want , in the summer time you can go for a swim ,or just walk down to the village wondering who in the crowd from this small community actually is the artist and in a community like Waiheke Island it would not pay to assume What wondeful and creative works , oils , water colours or mixed media it all happens at this little community gallery .

Comment by AnnaABP M.
Cool we are going there in a couple of weeks.. will try to get a visit in.. Thanks.