Whether you're jumping off a cliff, a swing rope or a bridge, doing bombs is a Kiwi past time and right of passage! No matter what your age, as long as the waters deep enough and there's something sweet to jump off, why not make a splash this summer! That's why we've round up Auckland's top five sweet as bomb spots, so all you have to do it stick your togs on and bring along a bit of courage! 

Waiake Bay reviewed by Lori T.

Love my local beach - pools for the kids to explore, safe for families, teenagers can challenge themselves and climb the Tor. Everyone can try their luck at swimming to the pontoon then have competitions at who can make the biggest splash when they cannon ball off.

Pt Erin Pool reviewed by Krystal S.

I love heading to the pools in Feb, with my friends, to enter the Pt Erin Bomb Competition! There's some serious talent out there, so there's loads to see even if you don't enter. I recommend you do though, as there are some awesome prizes up for grabs.

Devonport Wharf reviewed by Lopa S.

Devonport Wharf is a great spot for dropping bombs. Meet a lot of random people who love just dropping in the water, the adrenaline is so awesome, especially during the summer when you just want to cool off from the heat.

Murray's Bay Wharf reviewed by Madeline C.

This is my go-to wharf for a summer on the North Shore! The perfect place to come with friends and family, the wharf is perfect for jumping off and the water's warm (most of the time!). Tan on the beach while the kids jump or join them up there, this wharf is the best place for some serious bomb competitions!

Okahu Bay Wharf reviewed by Ben G.

There are few things more kiwi than swimming and chilling before the picturesque Rangitoto landscape. Big bombs to be had here.