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Book driver licence tests, driver licence applications & renewals, International Driving Permits (IDP), learner licence theory tests, organise insurance (car, life, travel, home & contents), pay Road User Charges, vehicle licensing and registration.


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This is one of the busiest AA centres in town, if you need to get something done and cannot do it online. I went here to submit my driver licence form. There was a big queue but once my number came, the lady was quick and got it all done and sorted out ASAP. Happy customer, always recommended, as opposed to their westgate centre.

I went here to convert my US driver licence and it was very easy. The staff were extremely nice and helpful. The only drawback is they plugged AA membership, but that's fine because I was planning on getting a membership anyway.

So I zoomed into the AA on Christmas Eve in the hopes of sitting my motorcycle theory test and wahey, simple as pie! I was really fortunate that the girls working at this AA centre were up with the play. Even when their computer system went kaput on them they got me right onto it and within fifteen minutes I'd done all the paperwork, passed the test and had my photo taken - as well as confirmed my AA membership (well worth it for roadsters). All in the time it took to whip around the corner from work and back: Leeegend.

Needed to do the rego thing, the line took forever and i was only 4th, it was lunch time though but still, staff should go after the usual lunch time if that's when their rush is. Anyway, once it was my turn i got extremely good service, I usually do my vehicle stuff at another AA but may start coming here instead :)

This is a convenient place to go if you need a new license or get new registrations for your car. There's plenty of ample parking and for some reason, it never seems super packed. Perhaps its in a location not many people think about. 

I took my full driver’s test from the Quay Street branch and passed, so of course I like these guys! That was a couple of years ago, I recently stopped in to have my policy changed from a Falcon to a Wagon (much more practical with a dog ) and had a smooth easy exprience. They also updated my address while I was there. Getting a partial refund with the policy difference between the two cars made the whole experience that much nicer! Great for all your car insurance or testing needs.