In the heart of Manners Mall in Wellington is a quaint and iconic Middle Eastern restaurant/takeaway called Abrakebabra.

Known for their generous portion sizes and efficient service, Abrakebabra is magic for a late night fix after a night on the town or a lunch which delivers on flavour and price.

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Middle Eastern, Turkish Restaurant, Takeaways, Kebabs, Late night


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Abrakebabra are the grizzled old dog of Kebab Houses in Wellington. I remember loving their mujva burgers in the 90s. These days they’ve branched into such uncharted territories as kebab pies, kebab nachoes and kebab soup. It’s all a bit ridiculous, but you have to give them credit. Never say die!

Comment by Ns F.
Dude , you got the grizzled dog bit right about their customer service. Mind you, thongs were a but different a year or so ago when you posted. Going there used to be a good experience. The food is still good, but the staff they have now are frankly... Well the staff they currently have exhibit very poor behaviour towards customers to say the least

Try the first kebab pies in nz!

Abrakebabra is genuinely amazing. I lived in Wellington for a little while, hated it, moved back to Auckland, and the ONLY thing that makes me want to go back is the thought of this food. The kebabs are perfect... my mouth is watering thinking of them. They also serve delicious pizza, done in slices so it's great for a quick lunch. The prices are good too (as a uni student I had no problems coming here on a regular basis). The staff are lovely and listen to what you like, and style of the place is gorgeous, with rich colours of authentic carpets and rugs covering the walls and ceilings, and a deep wood for the floors. I can't speak highly enough of this place, so if live in Welly and haven't had the joy of it, or are looking for an excuse to visit the capital city, this is it!

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