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There are so many trwats and toys at this branch for me to chose for my bull dog. My bull dog destroys every toy that he eats and the staff at this branch helped me find the perfect toy for him!! They also do a great deal on toys where if you buy 3 you get one free. They have dog food there but i find it quite expensive. They have a great range of other animal things aswell

I love that we can drop in here with any pet problem and the staff are only too happy to help!  They are very knowledgable and helped us get out poor sick budgie back to full health within a couple of days. 

Love this animates! The staff are friendly and helpful with advice about everything you need!

I have been searching for a toy my bulldog couldnt destrot within seconds and they halped me find the right ones. They also have lots of advice on how to keep her cool on hot sumers days. Their stuff is pretty pricey but i think its great that you can buy 3 treats and get 1 for free.

Animates is very large pet store. It has great range and basically everything you can think of relating to pets!. The staff are always on had to help with your purchases and make shopping for certain animals extremely easy!. The layout of the store makes its quick and painless to find what you want removing the stress for a otherwise easy task.

Animates Albany has been a favourite ever since it opened and is always the best service. All the pets on offer are the cutest things ever and the staff are only too happy to help. Food and pet care accessories are well stocked and at a reasonable price.

My dog loves visiting, even tho I do think the animals shouldnt be in cages or even within small confines. The animals always seem happy and content. Good shop!

Animates in Albany, has a good selcetion of pets. There animals are always clean and i actually doesnt smell too bad like most pet shops you go ionto. I recently bought my kitten jim from there and they were super nice and friendly, made sure we had all the right supplies and food.

Helpful and very good