Get stronger, fitter and lose weight faster with high intensity, supervised fitness training.

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*50+ program
*Strike classes
*Pilates Reformer & mat classes
*Steam & Sauna


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BodyTech is not just a gym, it’s a place where you are continuously looked after and trainers make sure everyone working in the gym feels comfortable while working on their goals. It’s not possible to push yourself beyond the limits but with BodyTech that seems very simple and easily achievable. Bodytech is the place where I can have an awesome workout without being conscious about my technique because I know if I’m doing something wrong, one of the trainers going to notice it, approach me and correct it. Great place to make some friends, have healthy conversations and relax body/mind after tiring day

I am not a gym junkie, but you k now what this gym made me one. The USP is amazing staff

Comment by Monique R.
We love having you part of the team :) see you working out real soon!
Comment by geetu m.
great, would be good to catch up some point for coffee across the gym?

Great for supervised training and relaxing spa pool

Great people, great facilities, close to work and hard work!

Comment by Monique R.
Thanks Daniel..we love what we do at BodyTech and trust that you'll get the results you're after..depending on what your goals are this year :) Don't forget you can book in for a free program discussion at front desk with a Fitness Trainer to mix your program up. Have an awesome 2013.

Have made big gains from coming to bodytech. I was pretty cynical about the place before I did a trial and after tha realised the staff are excellent and members all chilled out, no grunters or posers! I always feel encouraged by staff and supervision is a huge advantage. Yes it’s pricey but I have certainly got value, first gym I have felt like I want to go to and seen real results. Cheers guys

This is easily the best gym you can join in Auckland.  You will see a few celebrities there.  Basketball & tennis courts, fantastic swimming pool with ozone, so you will not be stinky with chlorine after your swim, and the changing rooms with complementry soup, shampoo, hair drier, everything you need. Good security, easy parking, I could go on but it's easy to see from their website.  I thought the  price membership was acceptable, you pay for what you get.  Sadly I moved out of that area into Botany, and cancelled my membership.  But reallyy did felt like a treat everytime.

Comment by Nathan M.
after a long search at I will have to agree with you. The service = amazing, choice of workout equipment = a lot

This gym is really good. The supervised circuit means there is always someone assisting you with weights and pushing you to limit. The boxing classes are great, and the pool is lovely (although the spa is usually a bit cold). The only downside is that it's incredibly expensive to have a membership here. But if you've got the money go for it!

Comment by Monique R.
Thanks Susan for your feedback. Will look into the spa pool comment. Re: incredibly expensive, compared to other gyms - they don't offer supervised training like we do. It works out to six lattes/cappuccinos a week in your health investment. BodyTech is the "only" gym in NZ that offers that to members. We truly value peoples safety first and foremost. When we first started BT here in NZ 1997 we wanted to make sure that everyone would be looked after once they walked through our doors. The only way to do that was by servicing our members the best way we know how. Trust your workouts are going great. Don't forget to book in for a free programme discussion if you want to mix up your training sessions. Thank Susan, for taking the time to comment! Have an awesome week.

With supervised workouts I’m really starting to see results and I’m loving the gym!

Comment by Monique R.
Awesome!! Have you gone onto the BodyTech Face book page to vote for what type of music you'd like to workout too? You could WIN 1 x 30-min Personal Training session!

Its great having one of Auckland's best gyms in the same building - nice one Bodytech!

Comment by Monique R.
Thanks guys..we love having you working out with us!!