New Zealand's favourite homegrown burger company with branches all over the country. Check out their menu at www.burgerfuel.com


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You wouldn’t normally associate burgers with healthy takeaways, but Burger Fuel uses high-quality, organic ingredients and now, with the Low Carbonator option of lettuce leaves replacing the bread bun for just a small amount extra, it’s a great place to grab a convenient and healthy dinner when you don’t have time to craft something from scratch yourself. Just maybe pass on the chips, as good as they are!

I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit this, given the wealth of unique and independently-owned eateries of Wellington, but Burger Fuel is my favourite takeaway joint by far: I literally can't go past a 1/3 pounder with cheese. And when I'm on a health kick (!), I appreciate the low-carb option of exchanging a bread bun for lettuce leaves and extra meat and veges. So much better for me, and less objectionable than the idea of having to go without my favourite burger altogether...

Though they only do two vege burgers, they are so delicious it doesn’t even matter. Also, make sure to get their kumara fries.

It’s not fine dining, but in terms of cheap, tasty takeaway joints that don’t ask you to check your dignity at the door, Burger Fuel delivers. (Not literally, but how good would that be?) The Hamburgini with cheese makes a great light meal if you’ve got only a fiver to spare, but my go-to is the Third Pounder with cheese. And their three outlets – the new premises at Countdown in Mt Cook, the Cuba St store opposite Midnight Espresso, and the recently renovated Courtenay Place original – mean you’re never far away from a cheap burg.

Sure, Burger Fuel might be a chain store, but chain store doesn’t automatically mean bad. Burger Fuel do great, quick and tasty burgers, fries, chicken tenders and smoothies. The vegetarian and chicken options are particularly good. Burger Fuel, you’re alright with me

Burgers may not be the number one in terms of healthy food, but they could be in terms of taste. Burger Fuel on Courtenay Place is open from 11am - late to help rid you of those burger cravings. With a vast range of types and sizes of burgers, its any burger lovers heaven!

LOVE that Burger fuel is centralised right across the road from the busiest part of Courtney place are open late catering for anyone with a hunger pain in the later hours of the eve

A vegetarian-friendly fast food burger shop? Burger Fuel has you covered with two vege patties to choose from. And they're mighty tasty! Go for the Beetnik GT, a mushroom, kumara, and chickpea patty loaded with beetroot, lettuce, and aioli. You might as well make a meal of it, adding fries and a soda at a bit of a discount. They were already centrally located on the corner of Taranaki St., but the recent addition of a store on Cuba St. (right next to the Fringe Bar) makes their burgers practically unavoidable.


These guys didn’t get caught up in the bp oil crisis. Their fuel is legit

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