BurgerFuel is a New Zealand burger restaurant and franchise with 88 locations in six countries, including 54 locations in New Zealand.


Price Range Cheap & cheerful
Ambience Family friendly
Accepts credit cards Yes
Wheelchair access Yes
Noise level Upbeat
Delivery Yes
Licence This venue is licenced, Alcohol free
Specials Yes
Food Options Vegetarian
Off street parking Yes
Takeaways Yes

Products and specialities

Gourmet Burgers, fries, sides, motobites and chicken fenders, frostbites, maltshakes, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options


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Okay, I know it’s fast food, but we’re talking about American portions so there was bound to be at least one burger joint on the list! I am not normally a fast food person, but Burgerfuel is my one exception. Huge, gourmet burgers (that are actually made to order!), kumara fries and an L&P - the perfect hangover cure.

You can never go wrong and this specific one the staff are so friendly even when they are busy

Awesome that there are 3 different sizes now

Everyone's heard of the big Kiwi burger success story - they're expanding far and wide overseas. Still, success hasn't changed the quality of their burgers, they're still a big cut above the normal fast food fare. Fine you local outlet and get in there. Must try: Ring Burner (tasty NZ beef with jalapeño chillies, bacon and aioli). Hot :-)

An absolute must for burger lovers. Fresh and Gourmet burgers, sometimes too big to eat in one sitting would be the only grumble, and let's face it, that's not really a grumble!

Opting for a small bite at burger fuel, I had the chicken bites and kumera chips. The chicken was well seasoned and the garlic aioli sauce for the kumera chips was the best garlic aioli sauce I’ve ever had! Kumera chips were really awesome too!

Burger fuel is great where ever you go the aioli that they serve with the chips is absolutely Devine great service here and the place is well kept clean most of the time (except late on a fri & say night) good all round

The burgers at burger fuel are hard to beat, but their fries are soooo good. The aioli is to die for. I would like to buy it by the tub. And have it with everything. Delicious! And the malt shakes are superb. Top points for the Eco friendly packaging. They do everything right here. Worth the slightly more money than what you’d spend at say, burger king, Everytime!

While they are more expensive than the other fast-food places, you get what you pay for! The food actually looks like the pictures! The chicken burgers are great. The Ford Freakout is another favourite and you can't go wrong with one of their shakes! A perfect place to grab a quick a tasty lunch or dinner.

I love burger fuel!  THat would explain why I was the mayor of burger fuel for 5 months! but sadly i left the country for a short time and someone stole my mayorship! I have been working hard to get it back and hopefully oneday soon I will!  Then i will consume double burgers again to my great pleasure!