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Products and specialities

- Burgers (chicken, beef, lamb, venison, fish)
- Potato fries, wedges & Kumara fries
- Chicken nibbles
- Organic drinks
- Milkshakes


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Hands down my favourite burger place in the city - they get it right every time. The view of the city at night from the Ponsonby joint is amazing - the perfect backdrop to a laid back date. You can build your own burger to get exactly what you want, and they have some sweet vegetarian options too.

Eas,y delicious and affordable!

Yummy burgers!!! I had a chicken burger and onion rings - hit the spot for a easy lunch out. Good menu, big burgers, nice boys behind the grill.  Yep ill be back..... 

Delicious, great sized burgers.

Not a bad choice if you are after a burger. I think I remember that they at least use local and free-range ingredients.

Comment by Mark A.
Heard so many good things about this place. Has to be tried :)

Nice that there’s still a burger wisconsin at which one can still eat in. The best gourmet burgers by far

Hopefully you've tried Burger Wisconsin by now - if not, do it!  The burgers are huge and fresh.  Try the satay sauce!  We often buy our Thursday work lunch from the Ponsonby franchise.  They've easily coped with a large number of burgers to make - often all "make your own" - and they're ready on time & hot.  The one occasion that they weren't ready by our requested time (and only because we'd put in a last minute order) they were very apologetic and even delivered them to our office!

I've always been a burger fuel fan but Burger Wisconsin really give them a run for their money! Had a really really nice chicken satay burger from these guys. i ordered the petite size for about $8.50 but it was HUGE! the chicken was crumbed which was really nice and different and the satay sauce was amazing, it was a bit peppery but i really enjoyed it and will be getting it again! Wait time for my fresh burger was like 5 mins max. will be back!

Just the sheer size of their burgers are enough to draw your attention, the taste and the variety is enough to keep you coming back. Burger Wisconsin is a great burger place to stop off and eat in or take out.

There's a lot of great gourmet burger places in Ponsonby alone. What sets Burger Wisconsin apart, is the meat. I don't know what it is about it, the kind of meat they use? the way they cook it? But it is amazing. I think it's flame grilled or something, and they don't dry out the patty like they do at some other gourmet burger places.  On top of that, the recipes are great, the chips are spectacular. definitely the best.