Cornwall Park is an urban oasis that offers a rich experience of history, nature, farm life, and exploration. With a wide range of things to see and do, visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of the park and enjoy various activities. From guided...


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Great, fun and cheap family outdoor bbq outing.

I love coming here to Cornwall Park to keep up with my fitness in such a beautiful setting and with other like-minded people.

I hadn't been to Cornwall Park in years and decided to meet a friend for a catch up and a walk through the park, what an awesome morning! At some points you feel as though you're not even in Auckland anymore. Just beautiful.

I LOVE this park. If exercise is your thing, the limitless combinations of loops and paths make it a great place to run (or walk or ride a bike). If you're more into looking and learning, Acacia Cottage and the info centre are full of history and insight. If you instead prefer to just enjoy a few drinks and a picnic in the park then this is the place to pick your spot! Just watch out for sheep poo.

What a great place for a kid's birthday! My friend's daughter just turned one and we had a fun BBQ at the picnic area at Cornwall Park. It was a stunning, sunny Saturday and there's no better park to visit in spring than this one because the daffodils are in bloom, the blossoms are on the trees and the spring lambs are jumping for joy. It was also an easy fuss-free option as everyone brought sausages and chicken and the men manned the BBQ while the kids played on picnic rugs.

This is a massive park which is similar to Mt Eden…I do prefer the view from Mt Eden but this is great if you want a full day out enjoying the surrounding park!

My partner loves coming here to meet up with others and get some exercise.

The beauty, serenity and peacefulness of this incredible gift to Auckland is priceless!

I loved going for a jog through Cornwall Park this week. It's a lovely place to get exercise done, even though the days are not too warm!

I look forward to coming to Cornwall Park. It's such a great place to go for a fun run with my other half here. #plantae