Snorkelling, freediving, scuba and technical diving equipment and PADI diver training pool in Auckland, New Zealand


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The dive centre helped me cross off a bucket list item. To learn to scuba dive. They also added one. As I enjoyed it so much now I need to take my current open water cert and take it to the next level. Something I intend to do very soon. The team are a great bunch of guys who emphaise safety in a fun environment. They were more than accommodating offering far more instruction than I had paid for and were extremely flexible on the certification processs. The pool they own is great (no sharing public pools here) about 5m deep in forrest hill and heated to the point learning in winter is no problem. All the gear is provided which is a great advantage to. Overall can’t think of a bad word to say. If you ever want to look at learning to dive. I wouldnt look elsewhere.