Head along to the Event Cinemas at Albany with friends and family for some great entertainment.

A wide range of films are screened throughout the day so there is always something to see.

If you book online you can also pre-order any treats and snacks and pick up the whole lot with your tickets.

For the ultimate in luxury, try out the Gold Class experience with their reclining chairs and extensive food and drink menu.

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there always super polite & friendly ..plus i like how it's so close to rest of the mall :)

Nothing like seeing a movie first thing when its quiet on your own. Comfy seats, student ID and cardholders cheap movies, the place to relax and watch the big screen.

The Gold Class at Event Cinemas by Albany Mall is the best of the bunch in my humble opinion, with plentiful - free - parking and a great line up always on. If you’re going to go blockbuster you have to go Gold Class!

This establishment is very classy and I love coming here because it is so much better than any other cinema. On my visit, we received complimentary glasses of wine with our movie which is ALWAYS a plus. Watching movies has and will always be a big part of my lazy sunday regime so why not come here and watch one on the big screen. All of the cinemas are very big with extremely comfy chairs that are very relaxing unlike other awkward/unclean seats at other cinemas. You can also choose to go Gold Class where the seats are even bigger and there is a menu you can order from. Fancy as.

It really is a treat going to gold class! Love the relaxed lounge first, then the comfy seats. Amazing way to watch a movie, if only I had one at home. 

Comment by KL
Must try :)

This is such a lovely cinema. It is huge, there are loads of cinema screens and each screen is massive! Having lots of screens means there are loads of options of what movies you can see at any one time, as well as lots of options of screening times for any given film. The big screens really make the movie-going-experience. If you book online, you can pre-order any treats and snacks to just pick up the lot together with your tickets. It is also part of the Westfield Mall complex, so you can buy anything from the supermarket, the food court or any of the bars and restaurants that line the mall. I just went and saw the new Star Trek film there and it was AWESOME!

Comment by KL
Superb review :)

Comment by KL
Must try gold class! :)

Came here tonight to watch Oz; The Great & Powerful. Lovely theatre, friend prefers Events because of the wider leg room and better seats. Ideal place to watch a good movie + come on a cute date!

My love for films shall never cease

Comment by KL
I agree, love films :)

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