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If you want to experience Korean dining in Auckland then Faro is the place to go.

For a traditional bbq style meal in a fancyish setting, check out Faro.

Had a birthday dinner here. Was great, had the set BBQ menu and the owner and waitresses were really helpful and friendly. This dish was one of many we had that balanced out the night. Well done Faro. Cho wai yo.

Went here for a Birthday dinner and was very very impressed with the meal. The price was a little bit more expensive than other Korean BBQ's however it was apparent why with the nice cuts of meat and presentation. I would not hesitate to go back to this restaurant.

I lived in Korea for six months so I was really excited to eat here. It did not disappoint! Very good food. The menu is a bit confusing though, especially if you're not used to Korean food, but the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. Highly recommended if you enjoy Korean food at all!