Now one of Wellington’s most well-established independent Cafes! Gotham lies at the heart of the city in the stylish Chews Lane precinct and is a haven from our city’s ever changing wintry elements and in summer - when the large bi-fold doors swing ope...


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Gotham has made it to Lower Hutt, so it's now nice and local for a Saturday or Sunday brunch or lunch. They do a pretty standard menu of your eggs bene or big breakfast, but the food is good. #cafetab

Best toasted sandwhiches in the world. Plus, who doesn’t love Batman.

Good food and service

You absolutely cannot go past a Gotham grilled cheese sandwich (think a beast-like toastie on sourdough) for a hangover. Greasy, cheesy, salty, tasty. Red onion, tomato and mustard are my fave fillings.

A solid staple, everything is done well with a little pizazz, I’d make this my regular.

It’s so cold outside that its perfect timing for a meeting over a hot chocolate! Check out the cute little goodies you get with them, smarties and marshies - a sweet tooth’s heaven! Nom nom

Gotham cafe has such a great buzz in the mornings. The staff are awake and counter food is temptingly displayed. My fav is their sticky swirl. I'd suggest sharing it and getting a napkin as sticky is an accurate account of the events you will encounter.

The toastie is universal in its simplicity. And simple dishes are often the most difficult to get right. Gotham's toastie is quite the object. My toastie arrived with thick sheaves of bread and thick cuts of champagne ham. One of the things I look out for (that is itself often overlooked) in a toastie is butter - and this toastie is plenty buttery. Glances of red onion ensure that this toastie does not drown in its intense savoury. I would go back for these.

Great coffee shop hidden down chews lane.