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I recently redeem a Groupon voucher that I purchased for this burger joint with my sister. Their menu includes, beef, chicken, lamb, and fish burgers, and you can either pick one from the menu, or you can create one from a number of options. My sister and myself choose to create ours from the options available. It was empty when we went in, so the burgers didn't take too long to come, about 8 - 10 minutes at the most. They were massive, and very delicious. My sister commented on how refreshing it was to actually see Parsley in a hamburger patty. Though I had barely eaten all day, I was nearly feeling full after the first half of my burger, though I did manage to polish it off. I wouldn't recommend the sides though. We tried both the calamari rings and the hand-cut fries. The calamari rings tasted like nothing, and the coating was soggy. Most of the chips, there were a lot of them, were undercooked, and there was no sauce of anything to dip them into. I may return for another burger, but probably not the sides. 

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