Grey Lynn Park has seen it all: Kiwi sporting legends Les Mills and Bryan Williams training to become Kiwi heroes, the suburb becoming gentrified in the last thirty years and one of the first in New Zealand to buy a million dollar house and endless games of touch, rugby, soccer and amateur athletics. Let's not forget the skateboard ramp, playground, mini-paddling pool and flying fox.

With three levels of playing fields, carefully maintained by the council year in and year out, you can get here via so many streets: Elgin, Grosvenor, Williamson, Dryden, Dickens, Rose, Arnold, Farrar, Murdoch and Schofield.

Come check out the thirty-year plus annual festival in November as well!

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very local

Great park for whole family dogs included

park on williamson rd and walk through grey lynn park, through the walkway , past Farro (coffee if you need!) and then cross richmond rd into the start of coxs bay walkway and park. And then back.. 90% park Fab!

Watching a ‘slice of Kiwi culture’ on a lazy Sunday arvo playing & walking past you.

Sometimes it's a little too full to let them off the lead but all in all it's good walk for both, the puppies and us.

The best things about this place are the children and lots and lots of dogs all running around playing and chasing things. Dogs love the zoom slide ramp and running around the fields chasing stuff. There's a paddling pool for the kids and acres of fields to wander through ... poor doggie can't quite make it all the way around.

Grey Lynn park is just a ten minute drive from Downtown Auckland, but feels light years away on a crisp, sunny Autumn day. The Sculpture Garden is the ideal spot for a little mid-morning meditation, and the walk through the trees to get there feels like another world. If you’re not a regular you are seriously missing out, and the leash free dog area is an added incentive to take your pup along for the ride.

Group workouts and gym environments aren't everyone's cup of tea. If you prefer to exercise el solo, head to Grey Lynn Park - down the back (Dryden St entrance) is a little workout area with a variety of apparatuses just waiting to be utilised. The park's massive and typically pretty quiet, so it's likely you'll find yourself working out in peace. Always good for a run too if you feel like getting in some cardio.

Suprisingly quiet, most of the time - especially considering its proximity to Ponsonby and the city - Grey Lynn Park is a great spot to picnic, work out, or hang out with your little people. There's a sweet playground, free kids' pool and skate ramp (best access for these is from Williamson Rd).